How to create your FREE Azure account Quickstart

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Learn to love the cloud!

Why should I learn Azure?

As a student in the IT field, you cannot afford to shy away from the cloud anymore. According to Microsoft, Azure is being used by 95% of Fortune 500 companies. So, for the sake of your own career growth and future, your portfolio needs to include proficiency in Azure tools and technologies.

Create your free Azure account

You can start off right here with this 2-page Quickstart and create your FREE Azure account now!

What do you get?

  • A step-by-step Quickstart to guide you through creating your free Azure account.

  • Handy links to starting off on Azure.

  • Azure free account features summary.

What's next?

Although my Azure journey started in 2013 already with the Developing Microsoft Azure and Web services exam (70-487), I recently studied towards and passed my AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals exam and I am busy working on a FREE guide on How to approach and pass the AZ-900 exam (without breaking the bank-$$X).

Once you have downloaded this Quickstart, I will notify you as soon as this guide is published.

Join me on an Azure learning journey

Let's get knowledgeable and certified together!

Don't be overwhelmed by the cloud anymore.

Start your Azure journey now by creating your free Azure account using this Quickstart guide.

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Happy studying!


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You'll get a 2-page Quickstart with step-by-step instructions on How to create your FREE Azure account and a summary of the FREE Azure account features.

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How to create your FREE Azure account Quickstart

2 ratings
I want this!